Welcome to CUCS2017 - Milan


V CONGRESS | 14-15th of September 2017 | Milan

“Migration. Peace and development. New challenges and new faces for Cooperation.”

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The University of Milan and the Politecnico of Milan organize the V Congress of CUCS Network, University Coordination for Cooperation and Development, which is currently made up of 30 Italian universities.

Today Cooperation is called to respond to new emergencies resulting from the many changes in the social, political and environmental structures on many parts of the world community, and especially on those most vulnerable.

So, Cooperation in order to combat poverty, but also to pursue peace, to ensure the development, to govern migration.

The frontiers of cooperation extend nowadays to new horizons and it becomes more and more essential to systematize the action of the many involved actors. From public institutions to the business world, from civil society to the university system it becomes priority to find common languages and shared instruments that enable the development of new policies and effective actions to address the old and new forms of poverty, growing instability, unexpected social needs.

The conference will be held in following locations:

Università degli Studi, via Festa del Perdono 7

Politecnico di Milano, piazza Leonardo da Vinci 32


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