The University of Brescia, in collaboration with the Brescia campus of the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart organized the IV Congress of CUCS Network (Coordination of Universities  for Cooperation and Development made up of 28 Italian universities in 2015) in a city characterized by a strong international cooperation tradition.
CUCS Brescia 2015 brought forward the reflection on post-2015 Sustainable Development Goals Agenda  – which began in Turin in 2013 – emphatizing the empowerment of populations in countries with limited resources as well as the fight to ensure their own food sovereignity, health and socio-economic security.
The congress was held in the universities of:

  • Medicina ed Ingegneria (UNIBS) on the 10th of  September
  • Economia, Giurisprudenza (UNIBS), e Università Cattolica on the 11th of September
  • Auditorio San Barnaba on the 12th of September

You will find here the CUCS2015 programme.