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Call for paper su “Migration, Peace and Development. New Challenges and new Players within the International Cooperation for Development in Italy”

Short focus:

The conference is organized by the CUCS Network of the Italian University. The conference aims at highlighting the role of academia within the new challenges of the international cooperation for development with special regards to the Agenda 2030 and new framework of the Italian cooperation.

Since it is well recognized that Sustainable development cannot be achieved without peace and international  stability, the conference will discuss three main dimensions: Migration, Peace and Development and will try to highlight the nexus among them at the light of the academic perspective and the three pillars of the academic mission:

  1. Education and Training: the original mission of University is training graduates able to cover an active role in the transformation of the society, both in the South and in the North of the World. Time and challenges are changing hence training methods and contents must adapt. These considerations are open at the international level and include also the role of Universities in promoting principles of sustainable development and possible paths. The CUCS is involved at all levels in this frame, from European projects to specific experiences, and intends to give its own contribution to the discussion both from the theoretical and practical point of view, implementing practical experiences and seeking a coordination at institutional level with our reference Ministries to debate on these topics.
  2. Research and Innovation: scientific research becomes a tool for development. Developing countries still express emergencies to face in a synergic manner: food security and safety, access to energy and water, to an acceptable health care system, to education, the problem of urban development and its sustainable planning. Emerging countries, together with developed countries, need to face global issues that are integrated by definition and concern the compatibility of the economic development with the environmental protection, land ownership, labor and employment, peace and international security, social inclusion. In this vision, technology and innovation, together with those models implemented in human sectors that represent the results of research, are further seen as tools able to support society in overcoming cultural, economic, environmental frontiers of human development.
  3. Partnership and projects for local Development: creating networks of competences (among Universities, NGOs, International Organizations, Non Profit, Enterprises, local and national institutions), since it is true that being alone allows you to run faster, but you can’t go far when such themes assume the complexity typical of our society. Within this multistakeholder approach, technology and know-how transfer become a collective building for a real and mutual learning (a humankind that grows and gives value to strengths, mitigating weaknesses).


Call for Abstract and Papers

Authors are kindly invited to submit papers to be considered for the Vth Congress of CUCS (the Italian Network of the Universities working in International Cooperation for Development).

The papers should try to tackle one or more of the dimensions at the core of the conference “Migration, Peace and Development” providing perspectives at least from one of the pillars of the academic mission: “Education and Training, Research and Innovation, Partnership and projects for local development“.

Papers accepted for the conference will be considered for the upcoming edition of JUNCO (Journal of UNiversity and development COoperation).

The aim of the editors of this issue is to gather experiences, theoretical scenarios and conceptual framework able to map approaches and methodologies at the light of the given focus of the conference

Deadlines for Abstracts: postponed to the 15th April 2017  / Deadlines for Full Papers: postponed to the 30th June 2017

For the submission of abstracts, please download the Abstract template.

The accepted abstracts will be required in the extended version as a paper (PLEASE DOWNLOAD THE CUCSMilano2017_FULL PAPER GUIDELINES) or poster (CUCSMilano2017_POSTER TEMPLATE)


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